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What are the steps to booking a rental?

For weddings, pre-approval from the venue must be in written form and provided before the trailer is available to book. (e-mail is acceptable)


A contract must be filled out and signed for any of the event rentals, and the booking fee paid before the date is blocked.  

For parties, rental customers must get permission from state parks, local parks, landowners before booking trailer portion. 

Game rentals and photographer rentals must sign a contract for rental.

What is your travel radius?

We travel anywhere within 25-miles from 17316. All rentals, excluding game rentals is $1/mi one-way only. (Game rentals FREE travel within 15 miles of 17316)

What is your weather cancellation policy?

Client has 24-hrs to make a weather call for any cancellation; excluding trailer photobooth rental cost. 

If the weather forecast is calling for snow or rain on the day of the event, the Company will automatically cancel the furniture part of the rental agreement and refund the furniture rental price. (unless setup can take place inside venue or barn, in which case we can still setup. Prior permission from venue is required)

Can you setup anywhere?

All trailer rentals, game rentals, balloon arches, furniture rental MUST get prior permission from venue to setup. Proof of written permission  must be provided before the date is booked with us.

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